Remote Desktop
Gateway Monitor

Windows-based, easy-to-use application for monitoring Remote Desktop Gateway and TS Gateway. Keep an active eye on your gateways, user activities and server performance.

Remote Desktop <br/>  Gateway Monitor

Remote Desktop Gateway Monitor is a Windows-based monitoring tool that allows you to get a clear understanding of who is using your Remote Desktop Services Gateway to access your corporate network from the outside. Measure, track, and monitor connections to your servers made via RD Gateway. Intuitive overviews present both real-time and historical data about users and activities as easy-to-use reports.

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Easy to use

Create reports quickly with our simple reporting interface and save your time.

Track logon details

Get a deep insight into employees’ login hours and check past activities.

Easily manage servers

Helps you with your server management and monitoring process. Track network traffic, Client IP addresses and much more.

Meet regulatory requirements

Enforce compliance with legal and regulatory policies. Prevent inappropriate access and keep the data secure.

Simplified access to reports

This tool simplifies organization-wide access to user activity reports.

Monitor in real time

Track updates in real time, and create real-time alerts and email notifications.