Our Mission

To develop the best enterprise solutions for your business journeys


The Acceleratio Story

We are a software development company focused on creating high-quality enterprise monitoring and administration solutions for SharePoint, Office 365, Windows Servers, SQL Servers, Remote Desktop Services, and Citrix environments.

Our story began in 2009 in Zagreb, Croatia with the idea to monitor servers. That’s how our first product, Terminal Services Log, was born. Today, more than 2300 administrators and consultants use our solutions: SPDocKit, SysKit, and SQLDocKit.

Our Windows-based UI uses the latest .NET technologies and third-party controls, while the web-based UI relies on current web technologies and patterns, such as MVC, Razor, TypeScript, HTML5, and ReactJS as well as various third-party JS frameworks.

We take special care of our students and devote a lot of attention to their growth because we’ve all been there and we know how hard it can be to thrive if you’re not in the right environment.

If you like any of the above-mentioned technologies and tools, if you love software, and if you like to tinker, we’d love for you to join us.

Acceleratio now employs over 40 people whose goals are to build the best monitoring, reporting, and administration solutions and to give you the right tools to help your business achieve greatness.

If you want to become an important piece of our puzzle, check out Acceleratio careers.