Acceleratio celebrates 5th birthday!

Birthday cake Acceleratio

Happy 5th birthday!

This year we are celebrating 5 years of developing great software for our customers! We already celebrated our “official” birthday with a yummy cake and good food, and we continued the celebration on our team-building last weekend. We are very happy that we have achieved so much and that we can proudly say that over 1200 companies trust our products!

Where it all began…

Since the beginning our philosophy has been to create a positive team spirit, follow the latest technology, build honest relationships with our customers and offer the best possible support! Apparently, this is a good recipe for success. The team has grown from two co-founders to more than 20 smart, creative and hard-working people, who now work on Acceleratio’s five products in our new spacious office in Zagreb, where we have an open floor plan to facilitate collaboration between teams.

We decided to continue our celebration in the city where everything began in 2008 and 2009! We went to beautiful Split and the island of Brač, and enjoyed an awesome weekend on the beautiful Adriatic coast. After a one-day tour of Split with the best guides – our co-founders Toni and Frane – we took a ferry ride to Brač and continued with the fun and relaxation.


Thank you!

As we celebrate our 5th birthday, we continue to work hard to improve our products and provide the best possible experience when using them. We are thankful to everyone who has decided to use our solutions! Check out our birthday infographic and team-building celebration photos.

Acceleratio celebrates 5th birthday

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