[Infographic] Learn more about our customers!

The past year has been a true joy for Acceleratio. We’ve celebrated our 5th birthday, decorated our new spacious office and welcomed a bunch of new colleagues into our once small family. We’ve released a few awesome major improvements to our already amazing product portfolio and so gained even more customers.

For us, customers have always been the number one priority. From creating and constantly improving our solutions so that they meet their needs perfectly, to always being there for them in case they need our help (a shout-out to our awesome support team!), this approach has proven to be a recipe for success.

Our customer base keeps on growing, with clients from all over the world. From small to global companies, from business services to the health sector, from Europe to the USA… And even Fortune 500 companies! To all of them we wish to say: thank you! Because, you are our true inspiration.

For more info about our customer base, we’ve prepared an infographic with a few interesting facts!

Acceleratio - customer segmentation reports

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