Opportunities to learn more and be a part of our team – Acceleratio Internships

Many young people search for opportunities in which they can grow, acquire new skills, and expand their knowledge. The question then itself is where should you go to accomplish this? We’ve all been in your shoes, and that’s why we decided to do something about it and help students and graduates find and develop their strong suits.

Meet Acceleratio

If you’re interested in IT, software development, marketing, and sales­­­, you’re in the right place.

Acceleratio is a software development company based in Zagreb. There are more than 40 of us, and we make enterprise software tools for managing and administering SharePoint and various server environments.

In addition to the software development section, we have a marketing department that has stood behind many successful marketing campaigns, conferences, materials, eBooks, and advertising. It also boasts an incredible sales team that takes care of our customers, holds personalized demos, and has mastered the fine art of salesmanship.

How to interact with interns

Perhaps you’ve already had the chance to meet us at events such as the Job Fair, Open Doors day, and Career Speed Dating. Or maybe you even met some of our team members when they were giving a lecture or a presentation at your university regarding IT today.

However you might have heard about us, we want you to know that there’s always a seat at our table if you’re willing: willing to make a change and willing to make things better and along with it, improve yourself, grow, and become our friend.

You see, we know internships are more than just three months when you get everyone’s coffee and end up learning how to make a first-rate espresso. At Acceleratio, staff make their own coffee.

Then we like to organize a tour of Acceleratio during which time students get to see which department does what, which technologies we use, how we start our day, how the Scrum process works, and so on. We then gather in the lounge, order some pizzas, and discuss with the students what they liked, which positions interested them, and which ones we are open and being offered. We also organize a fun tech quiz in which they get to win some cool prizes.

How summer internships look like

A great many people working at Acceleratio first came here as students through the internship program and then stayed with us.

Just last summer we provided another fun and successful internship opportunity. We had four students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb who were tasked with developing a tool that discovers all SharePoint farms in the environment. Domagoj, Marin, Ivan, and Bruno worked on each segment of the application with the help of the mentors. They all were able to plan and design the software architecture and develop an interface all by themselves. They were in control of the entire software development. Of course, the team helped here and there when needed.

Let’s see what Bruno has to say about why he decided to join us:

At the end of my academic year, I wanted to try out some real companies and be part of real projects. When seeing the Acceleratio team at the Job Fair, I decided to enroll. I checked out what it had to offer and liked the technologies being used. Apart from expanding my knowledge about specific technologies Acceleratio works with, I learned how software development is done in a big team environment. Additionally, I learned how to use those new technologies in everyday work I do. A big plus here are the employees along with the professionalism and humor. Acceleratio has surpassed all my expectations. – Bruno Blažeka, third year, FER

The summer internship team used some of the latest technologies, such as Visual Studio Code, Electron.js, Edge.js, and Redux. After six weeks of Scrum, the team delivered the alpha version. It also successfully mastered the Git system.

Our interns today

Once their internships were finished, they continued working at Acceleratio. Here’s what they think of their achievements and progress now:

The tasks are challenging, but with the help of my colleagues and everyday mentorship, they don’t tend to be a problem. The internship is an excellent opportunity to adopt the discipline of quality code writing, and frequent lessons and workshops provide an overview of new things to learn and serve as a reminder of previously learned technologies.Ivan Sičić

Once I finished the internship, my biggest challenge was switching between teams and working on another product. It took me some time to adapt and master some new skills; however, due to an incredible team, there was no pressure, and I could focus on what was important. Working in an environment where the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant, where you feel valued whether you’re a senior or a student is something that makes working eight hours a day much more enjoyable.Domagoj Hrestak

Become what you know you are

The great thing about Acceleratio is that each of us has a role to play in making the company the best it possibly can, and that means we all grow together as a team. If you would like to join us, we’re always looking for enthusiastic and motivated people to work with!

Visit our Careers page and check which position might interest you most; send us your application right away.

P.S. Don’t see a position that sparks your interest? That’s all right. Send us an open application with your CV and preferences, and we’ll get back to you!

In addition, if you want to know what it’s like working with us and what we do after work, be sure to visit out Medium story How it all began – The Acceleratio Story.