Release of SPDocKit 6 – Paint it, Black!

We’ve rebranded SPDocKit, made quite a few upgrades, and redesigned its interface: and the motto it, as Mick Jagger would put it, Paint it, Black!

The first thing you might notice is our new logo—an orange whale which is a further addition to the other variously colored whales on our other products (SQLDocKit, SysKit, and CloudKit 365). We opted for the whale logo since “kit” is short for “toolkit.” However, since our company is from Croatia,  in Croatian “kit” translates to “whale.”

SPDocKit 6 - application

Apart from the new logo, we’ve refreshed the SPDocKit look. SPDocKit has now gone over to the dark side—without cookies, but with added features and upgrades. We’ve added a new, dark skin to which you can switch in the general application options.

Now let’s take a look at those new features.

To Snapshot or not to Snapshot: that is the question.

We’ve decided to change things up a bit, and merged the Load Farm settings option with the Snapshot option. That means that every time farm settings and permissions are loaded, a new Snapshot is created, and you can view all of the previously taken Snapshots as well. Next, we added the option to import the Snapshots from any location.

Also, we’ve upgraded the Best Practices section as well as the Compare Wizard. Of particular note is the fact that you no longer have to map your farm settings every time you decide to check out the differences between two farms.

Since our clients were thrilled about the AutoSPInstaller, we made sure we added a couple of options such as the installation directory, data directory, loopback check disable option, search on object selection, and auto-completion of required accounts and passwords, among other features.

You can check out a more detailed list of improvements and bug fixes here.

Please note that SPDocKit version 6 no longer supports SharePoint 2007 and SQL 2005.

In terms of licensing, SPDocKit no longer has editions, as previously. It now has five types of licenses: Farm, Site, Consultant, Team, and Workstation. The Workstation license is our latest license, and you can read more about it in our SPDocKit Workstation blog post.