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SharePoint Farm Documentation - choose between Simple, Regular, Full documentation options

Generate SharePoint Documentation

Create professional – looking SharePoint documentation containing all the farm configuration settings. Save hours of manual work and get it done with a few clicks. Choose all details you need and export as a Excel, Word or PDF file.

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Compare SharePoint farms result - this can be very useful for comparing e.g., DEV / Production / Q&A / Staging Farms

Compare Farms and Track Changes

SPDocKit allows you to take snapshots of the SharePoint farm configuration, and track changes made over time. You can also explore differences in Web Applications, Site Collections, Permissions and Web.config Files.

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Easy Access to Permissions Management Features - Clone, Tranfer, Move and more...

Manage SharePoint Permissions

Administer SharePoint permissions from a single console – explore permissions and compare. Edit, clone and transfer permissions between users and groups. Permissions management is easier than ever with SPDocKit.

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SPDocKit Best Practices Dashboard - shows an overview of your farm check with a number of possible errors or improvement warnings

Audit Farm Configuration

Validate your farm configurations and optimize them according to the latest SharePoint operational best practices. Choose between built-in Best Practices reports or create custom according to your needs. Set up alerts and get notified when some setting goes to a critical state.

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SharePoint farm governance and administration is faster and easier with SPDocKit


Run the built-in queries and rules engine to fix all the possible violations of your company’s governance policies.


Easily generate an AutoSPInstaller XML configuration file based on your favorite farm settings.


Gather information about your farm health. It’s important to detect possible issues on time and react promptly.


Analyze your SharePoint solutions and protect your farm from harmful customizations with SPCAF extension!

Built for every environment and company type!

SPDocKit is licensed and priced per farm or consultant – starting from $749.
Custom quotes are available.

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Benefits of using SPDocKit

SPDocKit is the best medicine for your SharePoint.


Maintain high productivity and business continuity.


Automate routine administrators’ tasks.


Increase data security and compliance.


Save money with a cost-effective investment.

Keep your SharePoint farm healthy!

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