SQL server administration done right – discover and document SQL servers

SQLDocKit – your solution to SQL server management.

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Easily find all SQL Servers and create a comprehensive inventory of SQL environment.

Discover and Inventory SQL Servers

SQLDocKit allows you to add SQL Servers or auto-discover them in your domains. It creates a comprehensive SQL inventory report, which includes all information regarding SQL Servers, SQL Server BI Services, and databases, as well as Windows Servers that are hosting these databases.

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Create professional-looking documentation containing all your SQL Server settings.

Generate SQL Documentation

SQLDocKit automatically creates professional-looking documentation with all your SQL server settings. Collect enterprise wide SQL Server configurations and customize it with a template to make your SQL server documentation complete.

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SQLDocKit stores all the information about your SQL Servers and databases and provides you with metrics that can be analyzed according to best practices.

SQL Best Practices

Best practices offer reliable information about problems with your SQL server infrastructure. You can find out more about the tempDB locations or check tempDB response time. Now be sure that all the databases are regularly backed up.

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Grant Server Permissions allows you to add logins to the fixed server roles on the selected database engine.

Manage SQL Server Permissions

SQLDocKit allows you to perform security management actions (grant,revoke,drop) across multiple SQL Servers from a single UI, whether you need to create a new login on several SQL servers, give or remove permissions for a principal(s) on servers, delete a principal from server(s), etc.

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Benefits of using SQLDocKit

Manage storage growth on SQL Servers.

Audit who owns which SQL Server instance.

Match best practices for configuring SQL Servers.

Choose the licensing option that suits you best

SQLDocKit is licensed and priced per SQL Server or consultant.

Starting from $299 per Server

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